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About Mobimatics

Mobimatics is the world-leader in next generation ticketing, successfully integrating a detailed understanding of the transport industry with customer relationship management, leading edge software applications and “best in class” engineering.

In 2004 Mobimatics, through its then parent company Textus, launched the world’s first M-Ticket solution for the inter Belfast-Dublin Aircoach. The project was widely acclaimed and won the 2004 Digital Media Awards 'Best Wireless Application' and the 2005 BT Inspired Award for Mobile Ticketing.

Mobimatics’s unique mobile ticketing enables customers to buy a ticket anytime, anyplace, anywhere, through the Internet or via the mobile phone. The ticket is sent to the mobile phone in the form of a 2D bar code. At the same time, the ticket data is sent to all the Mobimatics enabled ticketing machines. When the mobile phone is presented to a ticket machine, it is validated by a scanner, and all the software and hardware components within the Mobimatics ticketing system communicate with each other in real-time via GPRS.

As Chris Watt, Sales Director, explains,
“This means that customers never need be without a ticket, as the system can automatically detect when a ticket has expired and send the customer a new ticket. More importantly it means that the service operator at long last knows who their customers are, which services their customer uses and when they use them. It also means that the operator has the ability to communicate in real-time with its customers, perhaps to inform them of new services, delays or changes to a service. We also provide operators with the ability to introduce customer loyalty programmes which will reward customers for repeat business.”

As George Muir, Director General ATOC, stated within Transit magazine 9th March 2007,
“Ticketing has got to be attractive to passengers, simple and quick to use and we've got to start cutting queues at ticket office windows.” Mobimatics's unique mobile ticketing enables customers to buy a ticket anytime, anyplace, anywhere, through the Internet or via the mobile phone.

Mobimatics has offices in the UK and Sweden.

News and Events

Transit Magazine, October 2007: 'Mobile Technology Essential for Transport...Mobimatics, the most developed solution in the market'.
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M-Scan is the world’s first affordable M-Ticket scanning device, purpose designed and built for the mass transit industry.
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'Watch our ground-breaking technology in action as a customer buys their Mobimatics M-Ticket online, receives their unique 2D bar code ticket to their mobile, and uses their M-Ticket on a Mobimatics M-Scan Validator machine.
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