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Business Case


Transport, Transport, Transport:

Only Mobimatics M-Ticketing is designed specifically for the rigors and requirements of the transport industry, as opposed to single-use, single-validation, single point-of-entry event ticketing.

Tickets – We've got them all:

Only Mobimatics can handle all ticket types, including singles, returns, multiple journey 'carnets', stored value (touch-on-touch-off) travel tokens, and secure 'period' (e.g. season, concessionary, etc) tickets. Mobimatics M-Tickets can be priced at any level, and ticket prices can be changed instantly across an entire fleet or just sections of an operation. This is thanks to the intelligent system architecture, with a central server directing all an operator's business 'rules'.

Only Mobimatics can map straight on to an operator's existing ticketing scheme, and work with an operator to reach new heights of pricing sophistication.

End-to-End Solution:

Mobimatics provides the full end-to-end solution for implementing M-Ticketing within the transport sector. Only with Mobimatics does the M-Ticket on the customer’s mobile phone, the ticket validating devices, and the back-end central server all synchronise seamlessly in real-time, with caching functions to deal with GPRS delays and black-spots. Mobimatics does not rely on constant mobile coverage. With Mobimatics M-Ticketing the ticket information is stored in the system and the barcode ticket is just a unique identifier. Mobimatics handles your mobile ticketing implementation from start to finish - Let us take the pain away!

Fraud Reduction:

The reduction in human-to-human interaction and cashless ticketing, along with the option of secure java-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) tickets, dramatically reduces the risk of fraud and heightens driver safety.

Mobimatics is unique because the ticket information is not held within the barcode, but within the central server. The Mobimatics system always knows the validity of a ticket, with system-wide hot-listing and ticket-validity checking, and only Mobimatics can incorporate, today, 1D paper-based tickets such as those printed from conventional Electronic Ticket Machines (ETMs).

The unique Mobimatics system architecture is essential for effective mobile ticketing within transport. If ticket validation devices do not 'talk' to each other, via a central server, a single journey ticket used on one vehicle can still show as valid on another, and if the only ticket security measure is security 'keys' in the barcode then breaking the key would allow fraudulent barcodes to be easily produced in their millions.

Real-Time Passenger Information & Communication:

Only Mobimatics M-Ticketing can inform an operator, in real-time, where their passengers are on their service, and empower operators with the ability to reach out and contact one or all of their passengers at that same moment.

Via the Mobimatics direct communications channel transport operators can now communicate with their customers in real-time. Delays in services, changes to schedules, low tariff promotions during off-peak periods, traffic situations – all such information can be relayed, instantly and directly, to the most appropriate section of an operators customer base.

Customer Loyalty and New Revenue Streams:

Mobimatics' software systems enable transport operators to open a personal media channel to each and every one of their customers, enhancing loyalty and providing powerful additional revenue streams. 'Near2Me' technology enables directed travel communications and marketing campaigns based on customer demographics and route usage. Operators can 'narrowcast' service information regards timetables and fares to individuals and, for example, the offer of a test drive received on your mobile as you pass the car dealer. The option of automatic ticket top-ups also strongly augments customer retention.

Plug & Play:

Via the 'Plug-and-Play' M-Scan, M-Ticketing can be deployed extraordinarily quickly across part or the entirety of an operator's fleet. Modules, such as the Mobi-Moolah loyalty scheme, direct media advertising channels, and real-time communications can be added to the system at any point or phased in with the initial roll-out.

Existing Infrastructure:

The mobile telecommunications network is in place and paid for – Lets use it! It is crazy to spend a fortune on new infrastructure developments for transport ticketing systems.