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Mobimatics Converts Passengers into Customers!

See our Storyboard for examples of Mobi-Media in practice.

Personal Media Channel:

Mobimatics’ software systems enable transport operators to open a personal media channel to each and every one of their customers. Mobimatics' 'Near2Me' technology enables directed communications and marketing campaigns based on customer demographics and route usage. Operators can ‘narrowcast’ service information regards timetables and fares to individuals and, for example, the offer of a test drive received on your mobile as you pass the car dealer.


Mobi-Moolah, pioneered by Mobimatics, is the hottest development for the transport sector. Enhancing customer loyalty and helping operators to increase market share, M-Ticket users are rewarded via this electronic loyalty scheme. Touch-on-Touch-Off M-Ticket usage could, for example, earn customers points towards MP3 songs or cinema vouchers.

Drivers can also be rewarded for promoting M-Ticket usage amongst customers (who quote a unique code from the driver’s card), and M-Ticket users can be automatically entered into a prize draw per week/month, the winner to be announced in real-time via radio or other media.

Real-Time Passenger Information:

Only Mobimatics M-Ticketing can inform an operator, in real-time, where their passengers are on their service, and empower operators with the ability to reach out and contact one or all of their passengers at that same moment.

Real-Time Passenger Communication:

Via the Mobimatics direct communications channel transport operators can now communicate with their customers in real-time. Delays in services, changes to schedules, low tariff promotions during off-peak periods, traffic situations – all such information can be relayed, instantly and directly, to the most appropriate section of an operators customer base.