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Buying M-Tickets

M-Ticket on your mobile. You'll never be without it!

Mobimatics M-Ticketing enables customers to buy tickets for travel anytime, anyplace and anywhere, on a 'pay as you go' basis.

Customers can choose to buy their M-Tickets using a credit card or debit card, via their telephone, their mobile phone, or over the Internet. Customers are not required to pre-load an account with money in order to later buy mobile tickets. They can also visit convenience stores and buy 'pay-as-you-go' M-Ticket top-up vouchers in the same manner as current 'pay-as-you-go' mobile phone tariff top-ups.

The M-ticket is then delivered to their mobile phone as a 2D barcode. An email receipt is also sent to the customer.

The customer simply presents the M-Ticket on their mobile phone to a Mobimatics-enabled Ticket Machine to validate the ticket. There is never a delay for the customer, as valid ticket information per route or region is cached by the ticketing machines, which in turn synchronise with the central server and check for updated tickets every 30 seconds (this time can be calibrated to suit an individual operator).

The M-Ticket can be topped up automatically or manually whenever the ticket validity is due to expire.

A version of the single-journey, multiple-journey carnet, or secure Java-based ticket can be sent to any mobile phone device, old or new. The emailed confirmation barcodes can also be printed and scanned (except secure Java ticket emails), and barcode stickers can also be provided and scanned, for example for existing concessionary tickets in circulation. Unlike 'NFC' technology, Mobimatics M-Ticketing does not burden transport operators with diluting revenue share between the mobile phone operators, and Mobimatics has a level of mobile device compatibility that NFC will take 10 years to come close to.